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June 25, 2018, 01:58:36 PM
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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Today at 01:05:09 PM 
Started by deepblue1947 - Last post by abdsp51
And how many times have these questions been posted with good intentions?  Plus qe do have a search function and a 10 sec google search would have answered the question.  But seeing as we have slowly become a society of catering and hand holding I digress.

 on: Today at 12:39:46 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by Papabird
Yes Bob, but the previous wing commander didn't and got the same results.

My Wilson number was only issued after someone at Region HQ approved it.  No issue, just my experience from a month ago.

 on: Today at 12:39:27 PM 
Started by deepblue1947 - Last post by Offutteer
Rather than assuming the worst in peoples' intentions, maybe we could just answer the question?

CAPR 20-1 (under the old numbering system). 

Section D, paragraph 14.

c. The wing commander appoints group, squadron, and flight commanders. These commanders serve a four-year
term of office. Upon completion of the initial term, the Commander may be appointed to subsequent four-year terms
with the approval of the Wing and Region commander./

 on: Today at 12:20:12 PM 
Started by deepblue1947 - Last post by abdsp51
Have you asked your CC or unit admin about this?  Or are you trying to circumvent a CC someone and put yourself in the slot.

 on: Today at 12:17:50 PM 
Started by deepblue1947 - Last post by deepblue1947
What is the term limit for Unit Commanders and is there a regulation stating this?

Thank you

 on: Today at 11:25:41 AM 
Started by Peculate - Last post by Offutteer
Is every cadet attending one possible based on applicants vs availability?  I donít have the numbers but Iím guessing only a third or so actually get selected.

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Though looking at the # of applications and seeing how many cadets attended at least one activity would be easy, it wouldn't give the whole picture.  There are a number of cadets that apply and then get slotted for an activity, but they have to decline the slot due to conflicts.  They were given the opportunity to attend,  but chose not to attend.  Cadets will apply very late, because a prior conflict was resolved., but probably won't get in.  So, it's not a static thing you can easily evaluate.

Not every cadet that applied will get into an NCSA.  This is especially true for those that only apply for one activity, such as IACE. 

 on: Today at 11:10:38 AM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by TheSkyHornet
This really irked me at Encampment two years ago when the Cadet Executive Staff had everyone form up in front of the chow hall before proceeding into chow before all of the other staff and students. I even made that comment, to which I received eye rolls and rebuttals.

This year, I observed the Cadet Executive Staff as the last ones to enter the chow hall, and the Cadet Commander was the last cadet to receive his plate. He also walked by the line of cadets and greeted them as he waited for them to get their meals first. I had a chance to express my appreciation to him of that, and his response was "That's what leaders do. I eat when I know they eat, and if they don't eat, I guess I'm screwed."

I noticed every cadet officer at Encampment this year ate after their respective elements went through first. Kudos to the training process here.

To me the idea that "Leaders eat last" means that leaders are making sure their troop are taken care of properly (meals, billeting, etc).  It does not necessarily mean that a flight commander should always eat last like others have stated.  It is a concept of servant leadership meaning to put the needs of others over your own.

Sure, the Flight Commander can eat last, as long as the Flight Sergeant ate first.
Need to have some leadership out there when the rest of the flight gets done eating.

Absolutely. Situation dictates the process. But relatively speaking, make sure your guys are taken care of.

Leaders are responsible for the people and property under them.

 on: Today at 11:06:19 AM 
Started by I_Am_Twigs - Last post by TheSkyHornet
I have had a chance to speak with the IDWG leadership, and it sounds like they have an outstanding encampment planned.  I would love to visit and see it, but I have a conflict with another CAP activity.

It appears that there was a miscommunication in their website and outreach materials, because all student cadets who meet the standards outlined in the 60-1 will be welcomed, including all cadets with disabilities that can be reasonably accommodated.  IDWG had set aspirational PT goals to help ensure that all cadets will succeed, but even cadets not meeting the aspirational goals will be welcome

I believe they will be updating their website and outreach materials to eliminate any confusion.

Ned Lee
National CP Manager

And this is a fine indicator as to why it's important that these types of questions be raised. Sounds like a matter of clarification, not disobedience.

Nice to know that the higher ups keep an eye out for stuff like this and step in just as a courtesy check.

 on: Today at 11:04:27 AM 
Started by Picy3 - Last post by TheSkyHornet
You won't need a watch at Encampment as a student. Nothing wrong with bringing one, but you're going to get dictated as to your every move and location throughout the week, and it will change rapidly without notice.

There's no issue bringing additional items not on the packing list if they have a training value (i.e., index cards, note pads) or personal care value (moleskins, foot powder, mosquito repellent). Cell phones, pocket knives, etc. will be confiscated and returned at out-processing.

 on: Today at 11:03:30 AM 
Started by OldGuy - Last post by THRAWN
Easy solution:

Reorganize NASA as a uniformed service under Title 10 and place them under the Secretary of Defense. Transfer budget, personnel and operations of both NASA, National Reconnaissance Office and USAF Space Command to new service with its senior leader a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

You're welcome.

Merge NASA with the commercial space branch in the FAA. Take the Star Force out of the existing military space commands. Transfer their troops, equipment, budgets and bases to the new branch. Just change the letter heads. You're welcome.

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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