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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts
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 on: Yesterday at 03:53:17 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by farsightusf2017
I am having trouble with my technician rating going through on eservices. What all has to be in eservices to go through?


 on: Yesterday at 03:00:11 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by dwb
The recently former Middle East Region Commander has signed on to help move the Alumni Association forward. If you filled out the form, my understanding is you will eventually receive a pin. Your info hasn't gone into the ether. I'm speaking as someone who filled out the form and who has also not received their pin.  :)

Col Knowles is an outstanding officer, so I expect we will indeed see some positive movement on the alumni group in the near future.

 on: Yesterday at 02:46:50 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by 754837
Thanks - I have sent e-mails to the alumni group.  The first one was over a year ago when the program was announced.   After many months I heard nothing so I sent another one.  I was referred me to the website - I registered (again).  Many months passed & I heard nothing so I did it again & the process was repeated.  I received an e-mail in June from Ms. Maraman stating that "CAP is currently gauging, gathering, and maintaining CAP alumni interest."  In rereading the message, I noticed she also said "You should see more movement in the next year."

This program has the potential to bring in some funds - it is not a big deal with me, I was just curious and I like the concept.

 on: Yesterday at 02:30:04 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by shuman14
Who ever ok’d the Pinks and Greens must have been a Texas A&M graduate.

I don't think the SMA went to A&M but I could be mistaken.

 on: Yesterday at 01:47:29 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by jeders
I got my pin at the national conference in San Antonio when they had a table set up, so I have no idea about getting a pin outside of an actual event. You can probably get better answers by emailing alumni@gocivilairpatrol.org.

 on: Yesterday at 01:07:02 PM 
Started by Eclipse - Last post by MSG Mac
Who ever ok’d the Pinks and Greens must have been a Texas A&M graduate.

 on: Yesterday at 12:57:53 PM 
Started by darkmatter - Last post by 754837
I have the same question - any progress or update?  I inquired about the alumni group & pin close to a year ago....

 on: Yesterday at 11:51:19 AM 
Started by Holding Pattern - Last post by TheSkyHornet
We had a cadet a few years ago who brought a hatchet to an FTX  ::)  We learned about it when he was chucking it at a tree to see if it would stick.  ::)  :clap: ::)

Took it away. Did a brief explanation to everyone about it not necessarily being "wrong" to have this type of gear in the field, but that the conduct in which it's being used is an issue.

No, it's absolutely wrong and has been since at least 24MAY04 per the G&UDF Task Guide.

Task O-0001 Prepare Ground Team Individual Equipment

e. Restrictions on Knives: You may only wear a sheath knife if authorized by your team leader. Sheath
knives cannot have a blade longer than 6” or a total length of greater than 11”. The sheath must adequately
secure the knife and protect the wearer from the blade. If authorized, sheath knives will be worn only on the
pistol belt or carried inside the pack. The following knife types are not authorized: boot knives, butterfly
knives, switch blades, double edged knives, “Rambo” style survival knives, or knives with retracting sheaths.
Machetes or hatchets can only be carried by senior members when needed for that specific sortie. No knives
may be visible when the member is performing crash sight surveillance duty.

You're citing Ground Team training tasks. That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm also referring to any general field operating conditions, not just CAP training. It's not wrong to go camping with a hatchet. It's indeed wrong/improper to be chucking it around the campsite.

 on: Yesterday at 11:26:08 AM 
Started by Holding Pattern - Last post by Eclipse

CAP is not SERE school, and if the ORM for cold weather is being followed, no one should >EVER< be that cold in a CAP context.

Operative word 'should' is always a red flag.  To consider only what 'should' (i.e. be expected with a high degree of certainty) occur strikes me as a recipe for bad outcomes.  Effective ORM must consider a more realistic spectrum of hazards, risks, and outcomes than merely what 'should' occur.  Why do we consider, then practice engine out EPs?  After all, with our large investments in maintenance what's the point?  You mean to say that weather is always 100% as forecast, or that unexpected exigencies never occur when CAP takes to the field? 

First, equating an engine failure to a knife injury is a false equivalency.

Next, considering what "should occur" is literally ORM.   

ORM is absolutely >not< "Let's micromanage every possible branch outcome of an action and then develop a detailed process
to insure that doesn't happen."  That's a job for the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.

ORM is intended to look at the totality of the situation and address the serious and likely risks to both success and safety.

In this example you don't get to a situation in which cadetsicles' fingers are incapable of utilizing a knife unless a lot of other things
have already gone sideways, and if you get there, you've got a lot more serious issues then a knife safety briefing.

This portends a situation where the supervision enters into negligence, and ORM briefings are likely irrelevant.

CAP members are adolescents and adults, if they can't be trusted with a pocket knife, they don't belong out there to start with.

How does this relate to ORM?  Of course CAP members can be 'trusted'.  However, considering risks, hazards, and outcomes in an ORM may suggest some additional training might be advisable so members are equipped with appropriate skills.  Of course, if we just paperwhip the ORM then our analysis might not exceed checking a box.

Rules on the use of knives are very clear, and violations of those rules, allowed to come to the fruition of the
example provided, as well as the the risk asserted, which is likely enough to require additional training and briefings,
point to a lack of supervision and adherence to other regulations which would negate the efficacy of the briefings.

In other words...

One more ticket-punch, eye-roll-inducing briefing that wastes time for the majority of the membership who
are doing things properly, while providing no assistance to the members who aren't anyway.

 on: Yesterday at 08:47:28 AM 
Started by OldGuy - Last post by THRAWN
Anecdotal evidence versus first hand experience. Most anecdotes should start "Once upon a time"....or for our sea service friends, "No poo, there I was...."

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CAP Talk  |  Recent Posts

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