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Title: S. 2836, the Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018: Countering Malicious Drone
Post by: Live2Learn on June 12, 2018, 09:58:22 PM
This was a very interesting unclassified hearing that followed a classified briefing conducted yesterday.  It may mean we could see a substantial re-write to the current 'pass' given to recreational drones that operate in the N.A.S. when the Senate version of the FAA budget reauthorization reaches the floor sometime in the next few weeks.   At the present time the FAA is pretty much directed by Congress to make no rule that would constrain recreational drone operations. 

One of the people on the four person panel that briefed the Senators said that since records were maintained of recreational drone operator misdeeds, only 70 have been successfully prosecuted (this is out of the "6,000 or so" reported drone operator incidents per month...), according to one Senator's comment.  The briefing started out with a rather dramatic ISIS attack by a drone carrying a grenade (see about 0:40 on the recording). (  All of the four panelists suggested a major re-think of the current hands off policy toward regulating recreational drones was long over due.  There was also a lot of discussion about new legislation that specifically authorizes interdiction and neutralization of drones that are operated in non-compliance with regulations and law, with local and State LEOs being authorized to make tactical on-the-spot tactical decisions without additional procedural steps (like getting a warrant or whatever).  FWIW, panelists mentioned several recent incidents where drones were used to attack, monitor, or otherwise neutralize LEOs.  Overall, it was an interesting two hour hearing. (  It isn't clear when the video record will be posted for viewing - Senators have 15 days to place additional items in the record.

There's been a lot of discussion on this forum about using drones for Cadet activities, or to augment current mission capability with crewed aircraft.  The Senators didn't get that far into the weeds in this discussion.