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Started by farsightusf2017, March 24, 2023, 02:38:58 AM

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I have my Instrument Check Ride coming up and I know a DPE can perform a CAPF-5 and in particular the instrument endorsement. To be clear I need the DPE to sign my CAPF5 with appropriate endorsements (INST, G1000 IFR, etc) and then have a CAP CP sign as well to cover any applicable cap specifics? Do I understand this correctly?


Do you already have a CAP pilot rating and are wanting to add the instrument rating, or will this be an initial form-5?  If you are already a CAP VFR pilot, you can just get a CAP check pilot to sign off your F5 and enter it into eservices as long as you added the instrument rating within the past 12 calendar months (CAPR 70-1, para

As for a DPE performing a Form 5 ride, I've never seen that done, but according to CAPR 70-1, para 7.6 a DPE may administer a Form 5 ride but a CAP check pilot must complete and review the Form 5 within 60 days (i.e. covering the CAP specific items and verifying the 70-5 was completed properly).
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I have had the same questions as i'm about ready to add on instruments too...

Try this on for size
Quote4.2.1. CAP Instrument Pilot To operate as a CAP Instrument Pilot, the member must: Be current and qualified in accordance with the requirements of 14 CFR for instrument privileges; and Within the past 12 calendar months, have successfully passed a CAP Pilot Flight Evaluation with an endorsement for instrument privileges; or Have added an FAA instrument airplane rating to their FAA pilot certificate within the past 12 calendar months;
or Show evidence of having completed a 14 CFR 61.58, 14 CFR 121.441, 14 CFR 135.293/14 CFR 135.297, or a military instrument competency check within the past 12 calendar months.

Do you even need a form 5 right now at all????


Leave the DPE out of it. Just do your check ride.

After passing your checkride, upload a copy of the temp to eServices. Put the date, etc, in the What I Need section, and someone up the chain will ack it. Done.
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