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wear of CG shoulder cord

Started by Benkie, January 15, 2022, 02:49:23 am

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I'm sure somebody has talked about this before, but i'll still ask. So i'm a member of my units color guard, and i'm wondering if i can wear my white color guard shoulder cord while not doing a color guard activity. 39-1 says that shoulder cords can be worn on class A-Bs at all times but vanguard says only during CG ceremonies. Anybody have an answer? Thanks.


Since Vanguard is not a prescribing authority, you take direction from CAPR 39-1.

One paragraph might be interpreted as allowing wear of the white cords during ceremonies, but para 9.3 covers the situation. Wear it with pride.
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Quote9.3.2. Cadet members of Drill and Color Guard Competition teams, and cadet members acting as a Color Guard, may wear a white shoulder cord.

Directly from CAPR 39-1. If you are a member of a competition team, you can wear the cord. However, if you do color guard just whenever there is an event, you may only wear the cord during said activity. Hope this helps clear stuff up.



I am part of my squadrons region competition team. thanks for the answers.