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Monthly Safety Training Reporting

Started by Shuman 14, November 08, 2021, 08:04:45 PM

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Shuman 14

Question, when a member completes his/her monthly safety Training (i.e. the Beacon Quiz) does that automatically generate a report or does the member actually need to contact their Squadron or Wing Safety Officer and show proof of competition to get their monthly credit?

As a follow up question, where is this data tracked in e-Services, beyond going to Training and downloading your LMS and/or AXIS Transcript?

As a secondary Question, when you upload an Outside of CAP Safety Training is SIRS, where is that data tracked?

Thanks in advance to all you safety smart guys and gals.
Joseph J. Clune
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eServices | Reports | Member Reports | Member Reports | Member Reports | *Reports (drop-down) |

Safety Education Participation


Safety Education Report (Unit)

[Yes, you will click Member Reports three times]

As far as I know (AFAIK), training completed online will automatically populate the reports.
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Any Safety courses completed in eServices propagate onto report for "member currency".

If you're putting in external training, go to SIRS > Log Safety Education. Select the appropriate entry category from the drop-down menu. You do not need to attach any files so long as the Safety Officer has verified completion.

For example: If a member completes an AOPA/ASF safety course, they can provide their certificate of completion to their unit Safety Officer, who can then log their safety credit in SIRS.