Sharing Safety Briefings and Risk Matrix worksheets for standard CAP activities

Started by JC004, August 18, 2020, 06:42:05 pm

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Looking to compile and share: Safety Briefings and Risk Matrix worksheets for various standard CAP activities.I think it'd help lots of people to have standard Safety Brief checklists and RM worksheets that they can adapt to their own activities, covering common CAP activities like:

  • Airshows (flightline safety, heat, etc.)
  • Bivouacs
  • SAREXs
  • Various types of actual missions
  • Model Rocketry launches
  • etc., etc., etc.

Here's a couple examples to start:

Compiling these resources would help activity planners and Safety Officers to make sure they don't miss important hazards, include good controls, etc., and can adapt it to their own activity easily - a basic set of best practices for the safety arena.

Anyone have some Safety Briefings and/or RM worksheets from activities, that they'd be willing to share?

I can drop some into a Google Drive folder of mine if it's easier for you to share that way.  Just send it to me and I'll create a link for you.