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New Safety Regulations, Aug 2019

Started by Eclipse, August 31, 2019, 01:01:23 pm

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Scheduled to be effective 30 Sept 2019

CAPR 160-1:
"This regulation outlines the CAP Safety Management System and provides guidance on roles and responsibilities in the Safety Program, the use of risk management, safety assurance, and promotion and recognition.
Read Chapter 1 for a full understanding of the SMS approach, and CAP's safety vision."

CAPR 160-2:
"This regulation provides clear guidance on how and when to report mishaps, hazards, and other safety events, as well as how to review mishaps once they have occurred."

CAPP 163:
"This pamphlet provides an easy to use guide for process improvement, corrective actions, and how to make sure your risk controls are working the way they are intended.
This pamphlet goes way beyond safety, providing commanders and other members with a tool to continuously improve their processes."

CAPF 160:
"This single standardized CAP form will be used for pre-activity risk assessments, as well as a means of recording after action assessment of the effectiveness of your risk controls.
See CAPR 160-1 for guidance on when to use this form.

CAPF 160S:
"Similar to the CAPF 160, this form will be used for smaller activities when the regulation doesn't require the CAPF 160, or to guide everyday pre-activity risk assessments and briefings."

"This form simply porvides (SIC) extra space for listing hazards and assessing risks when you are using the CAPF 160 or 160S."

"That Others May Zoom"

Luis R. Ramos

Thank you very much. You just gave me my Group's Safety Briefing topic to take place the second week of September.

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